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Tue. 06.19.07|07:30 PM - coming back...Pink Martini at the Keswick Theater!
291 N. Keswick Ave, Glenside, PA - Map & Directions
Pink Martini concert once again!
For those who haven't heard about them yet... Pink Martini can best be described as, "somewhere between a 1930's Cuban dance orchestra, a classical chamber ensemble, a Brasilian marching street band and Japanese film noir."
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Thu. 09.21.06|08:00 PM - Year after...Yen's Philly Visit Dinner
127 S State St, Newtown, PA - Map & Directions
chinese food & dishes with a Eurasian twist...BYOB

Wed. 09.20.06|08:00 PM - Pink Martini in Philly - Keswick Theatre
291 N. Keswick Ave, Glenside, PA - Map & Directions
Inimitable blend of musical styles: Cuban rumbas, jazz grooves, sultry cabaret and chamber music
Pink Martini is the 12-piece "mini-orchestra" that fuses the sounds of Cuban jazz, music hall, classical chamber, Japanese film noir and a Brazilian marching street band... anyone interested?
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Fri. 08.04.06|11:00 PM - Kasia's Special Birthday
5200 Unruh Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19135 - Map & Directions
The lady of the house wants to see the
Bring your singles (a.k.a George Washingtons) for a fun night out at a BYOB full-nudity club to celebrate Kasia's b-day.
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Sun. 07.09.06|01:30 PM - World Cup Championship Game
1601 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia, PA - Map & Directions
Watch the FIFA World Cup 2006 final game
Show up in blue...baby blue.
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Sat. 07.01.06|05:00 AM - chicago times
Chicago, IL - Map & Directions
the do's visit family in chicago. polish beer anyone?

Fri. 12.16.05|09:00 PM - A Party for A Reason
1601 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia, PA - Map & Directions
A small get together...
dear all, as you know we are about to experience the adventure of a lifetime... before we leave we would love to see all...
Fri. 10.28.05|08:00 PM - Yen's Philly Visit Dinner
Nam Phuong Vietnamese Restaurant - Map & Directions
Yen is in Philly for a few days for a wedding.
She would very much like to see 'The Russians' on this trip home. Please save Friday evening if you can. I'll call with the details of where for dinner
Thu. 09.29.05|07:45 PM - Roy Yamaguchi In House
15th & Sansom Streets, Philadelphia, PA - Map & Directions
Roy's Philadelphia 4th Anniversary Wine Dinner

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Sat. 08.06.05|08:30 PM - Alan's and Kasia's Birthday Party
518 S 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19147 - Map & Directions
Ava Restaurant then Dolce
Plan for up all night!
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Sat. 03.19.05|08:00 AM - Irish stories...
1601 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia, PA 19130 - Map & Directions
The Do's & Dima G. are back after delightful spring vacation in Ireland!

Wed. 03.09.05|12:00 AM - European Spring Vacation
Dublin, Ireland - Map & Directions
Dublin...here we come!

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Tue. 02.15.05|07:00 PM - Dinner @ Paradigm
239 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia - Map & Directions
Paradigm's modern Soho-South Beach style atmosphere and gourmet cuisine...

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Fri. 02.11.05|09:00 PM - A Double Dose of the Other Do's
1601 Spring Garden St - Map & Directions
Birthday party #2 for Quan + get together for Yen
So, since you were not able to attend last week's luge-fest, you are invited once again. Also, if you ever want to see Yen again, you better show up.
Sun. 02.06.05|06:30 PM - Super Bowl XXXIX
1601 Spring Garden St #214, Philadelphia, PA - Map & Directions
Patriots vs Eagles...
will they or won't they? the championship game at the Do's!
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Sat. 01.29.05|06:30 PM - Center City Restaurant Week @ Ava
518 S. 3rd Street Philadelphia, PA - Map & Directions
Ava, like its name, is cute in a tasteful, modern way...

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Tue. 01.25.05|06:30 PM - Center City Restaurant Week @ Caribou Cafe
1126 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA - Map & Directions
15 year old charming French Parisian Bistro...

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Sat. 01.08.05|08:00 PM - First 2005 party at the Do's!
1601 Spring Garden St - Map & Directions
The Do's are back after exciting winter vacation in Europe!

Fri. 12.17.04|06:00 PM - The Do's European Winter Vacation
Frankfurt, Poland, Lvov, Kiev
Eastern Europe here we come again!
Taking my (I lost count) trip to Europe. This will be our 5th trip together to Europe.
Thu. 12.09.04|07:30 PM - Movie Night - Musa - Korean Film
1601 Spring Garden - Map & Directions
A beautifully made and edited piece of work...could easily be described as the
The year is 1375 and China has been in a war that has lasted almost two decades between the Yuan (Mongols) and Ming Dynasties. A small band of Koryo (ancient Koreans) troops are escorting their diplomats to make peace with the Ming Emperor. However, before they reach the capital...
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Fri. 11.12.04|08:30 PM - At the Upstairs Live Cafe: Kate Dovelyn Band
3025 Walnut Street - Map & Directions
Kate Dovelyn & unique fusion of rock, R&B and alternative...

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Wed. 11.10.04|07:00 PM - Movie Night - The Legend of Evil Lake - Korean Film
1601 Spring Garden - Map & Directions
Comes the closest of any Korean movie so far to reaching the excellence of Hong Kong examples...
The movie begins in 57 B.C. with the defeat of evil sorcerer Auta by a mighty warrior priest who seals the wizard’s evil spirit in a frozen lake by thrusting a magical sword into the ground. The spirit will remain imprisoned, declares the warrior, as long as the sword remains lodged...
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Sun. 10.31.04|08:30 PM - Halloween
Fell's Point Baltimore - Map & Directions
Join us at Fell's Point - this Sunday!
As all of you know, Fell’s Point is well-known as a place to have fun, not only in its many pubs, bars and nightclubs, but especially at such event like Halloween! Take a look how we celebrated Halloween last year.
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Wed. 10.13.04|07:00 PM - Anniversary at Morimoto
7th and Chestnut St, Philadelphia - Map & Directions
Iron Chef is cooking for our 2nd anniversary!
very excited!
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Mon. 09.20.04|07:00 PM - Movie Night - Azumi
1601 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia, PA - Map & Directions
Samurai girl kicks asses...

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